Fanfare / Don’t Dream It // 1:06 – 1:40

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Give yourself over to absolute pleasure, swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh. Erotic nightmares beyond any measure and sensual daydreams to treasure forever.Can’t you just see it?” – Rocky Horror Picture Show

After grabbing what we needed to from the store, we finally made our way back into the club & it was even more beautifully chaotic than when we left. The crowd of people had swelled in number and for probably the first time in my adult life, I wasn’t really bothered by it.

We walked in & grabbed a seat at a table near the bar. I slipped off my coat, happy as hell to be in a place where nudity was not only allowed, but encouraged & cracked open my second drink.

Here’s where it gets a little boring: I suck at socializing. No, really. I am TERRIBLE at it until I get about three drinks deep then I want to be everyone’s best friend. And I don’t know if it’s because we were obviously new people or if my outfit was working overtime, but that didn’t seem to matter. If we didn’t go to the people, they were happy to come to us.

A group of guys swung by our table after I accidentally made eye contact with their equally socially anxious leader. We introduced ourselves & talked for a bit as Mr. Socially Awkward explained his girlfriend had given him the task of making new Facebook friends because he sucks at that type of thing. I finished my drink & asked to add him while he tried not to stare at my tits. Afterwards, the group flitted away & feeling a bit bolder than I had 10 minutes earlier, decided to drag Joe outside for a smoke.

We walked out on the patio & were greeted with portable heaters (did I mention it was 35F outside?) & a group of lovely people enjoying the hot tub as the smokers stood around, hugging as closely to the available sources of warmth as possible without burning ourselves.

I tend to do this thing when I’m in new situations. It’s an automatic response at this point in my life and has honestly come in handy more than once. I people watch. If you just let people talk without saying a word, you find out whether or not you’re somewhere you want to be pretty quickly.

Joe & I found a place to stand & quickly listened to people trauma dump about their horrible weeks at work while I caught glances at the group in the hot tub giggling and teasing each other. I was pulled into the conversation almost instantly & was happily chatting away before my cigarette was even half way to the filter. An extremely polite (and tipsy) older gentleman asked very politely to touch my ass, which I happily obliged. If there’s consent exchanged, groping can be fuckin’ amazing!

I realized shortly after that, I was smitten by this place. I wanted to be a member for as long as it was open. With renewed determination, I dragged Joe back inside to purchase ourselves a year membership before we headed out for the night.

As the night rolled on Joe (who was fresh from surgery that week, but stubborn as hell – would have insisted we go even if I’d objected) got more uncomfortable with his poor healing self & we decided to dip out unexpectedly early.

We met so many amazingly chill people who only added to the atmosphere that was already being created by being in what was essentially a massive adult playground. It was pretty clear to both of us we’d be coming back soon. Everything we’d both been looking for seemed to be available right under our noses this whole time.


What’s This? // 1:53 – 2:01

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“…and there’s a smile on everyone. So, now correct me if I’m wrong. This looks like fun, this looks like fun. Oh, could it be I got my wish?” – Danny Elfman

After getting Joe & my favorite perverts on Snapchat up to speed on our weekend plans, I checked the club’s website to see what the “theme” was for the weekend. I won’t lie, “theme nights” were one of the many things they advertised that I loved before we even walked through the doors. I can’t help it, I’m corny as fuck. That particular week, the theme turned out to be lingerie. “Well, shit” I thought to myself “being an P4P internet slut for over a decade is about to pay off”.

I decided to document the event as much as possible & created a little Snapchat story.

Being the anxiety ridden asshole I am, even if I was excited for the theme, I wanted to be fully dressed while we were deciding whether or not to stick around past orientation. But I also wanted to look fuckin’ hot so I got all prettied up & human looking in a pair of skin tight black leggings & cleavage amplifying leopard print shirt. Honestly, if I had a default outfit like a TV show character that never ages, that combo + some combat boots is probably what it would be.

Tits out, face firmly stapled in place & a head full of questions that would soon be answered, I got into the car & we headed to the club. I got lost in my thoughts & curiosity as Joe navigated to the address we were given. I don’t exactly know what I thought it would be like when we walked in the door, but little did I know, my expectations would be quickly surpassed.