American Bitches // 0:00 – 0:13

Categories: Club D, first fuck, slut stories

“Raise your hand if you like American bitches, locked in girl on girl kisses. Well, I do.” – Bloodhound Gang

I sat next to the lanky, leather-coat-in-80-degree-heat clad human who had just introduced himself. Immediately and without my say-so my brain nicknamed him Chains. We made idle chit-chat until he got the gall up to ask in a shy voice if I was interested in playing.

Of course I was! He had gone a whole 15-20 minutes without saying something absolutely heinous and was pretty cute so obviously I wanted to see how he looked naked and inside of me.

We quickly took off to one of the play rooms and I’ll be honest, considering that as I write this now, this happened a year ago, the details are fogging. I probably bit the fuck out of him as I do with anything I like (or don’t) and he probably didn’t cum. The weirdest thing happens with a lot of people once we get back to the play rooms. Between the jumping lights, any variety of random song raging over the speakers & the sounds of other people fucking the night away, a lot of people get a bit nervous. Curse of the club I’ve heard it called.

What I do remember is that Mr. Chains fucked well enough to warrant a story & a repeat fucking if I got the chance.

Sure enough a couple weeks later I did & it did not go well for Chain. Or maybe it did consider he did get to be a fly on the way.

The theme that night had something to do with dressing up in Cosplay. There were any number of slutty superheroes & various other costumed perverts floating around the club & I spotted Chains as soon as I set my things down at our table & headed outside.

He quickly made his way over to me dressed as The Joker ala The Dark Knight and sat down, just like he had the time before and it became clear he was gonna ask me to play again. I had already sorta thought out how I’d like to go about things after testing out the play rooms and the dungeon was my next stop. I hadn’t really bothered to explore it the first real night we were there so I knew if Mr. Chains asked me to play, I was going to take the chance to drag him down there.

Sure enough, after both of us getting a few drinks into our systems he popped the question & I said sure. We headed inside and as luck would have it, all the playrooms were busy so it wasn’t even a question of where we were headed. I skipped down the stairs with him not far behind & spotted an empty queen sized bed in the corner the instant we walked into the room. Bathed in red light, I watched as bodies writhed, mounds of flesh moaning and merging with each other & smiled to myself.