Short answer: no.

Long answer: Don’t bother writing me an email/DMing about this, Google is free. Your best bet is just to try & find a similar club in your own area/state.

Yes and no. I consider myself semi-retired. But it’s still lucrative and I still like being in front of the camera naked so I still dabble here and there. I mostly just take daily nude vids/pics. Making full length videos is rarely worth the amount of time & effort that goes into them for me.

Yes and even some I would never because they’re just that bad.

Step 1. Find me on one of the various dating/social media apps I prance around on.

Step 2. Don’t be a dick.

Step 3. ????

Step 4. Hope I like you enough to want to meet up.

Step 5. PROFIT!

Either be a close friend or buy access to my NSFW snap. You’ll automatically receive a list of passwords for the protected posts. I’m gonna warn ya right now though, it’s probably just some boring personal shit.

Then don’t fuck me/no.

You’ll have that sometimes. I tend to write out of chronological order despite that being the best format for someone to read this blog in. If you noticed some posts get re-arranged it’s just because it was originally posted out of order.

Each post title is a song & a timestamp inside the song that I think fits the post.

I’m pansexual. J is straight.

Because I don’t feel like releasing it to the general public now or ever.

Because everything here, public or not, starts out as a rough draft & since I don’t (currently) make anything substantial income wise to run this blog, sometimes editing can come weeks/months after the post is originally published.

I figure until someone comes along and decides to set this shit in stone, everything can always be improved upon with more details & a lot of spell/grammar check.

Got a question? Ask it here.