What’s This? // 1:53 – 2:01

Categories: Club D, slut stories

“…and there’s a smile on everyone. So, now correct me if I’m wrong. This looks like fun, this looks like fun. Oh, could it be I got my wish?” – Danny Elfman

After getting Joe & my favorite perverts on Snapchat up to speed on our weekend plans, I checked the club’s website to see what the “theme” was for the weekend. I won’t lie, “theme nights” were one of the many things they advertised that I loved before we even walked through the doors. I can’t help it, I’m corny as fuck. That particular week, the theme turned out to be lingerie. “Well, shit” I thought to myself “being an P4P internet slut for over a decade is about to pay off”.

I decided to document the event as much as possible & created a little Snapchat story.

Being the anxiety ridden asshole I am, even if I was excited for the theme, I wanted to be fully dressed while we were deciding whether or not to stick around past orientation. But I also wanted to look fuckin’ hot so I got all prettied up & human looking in a pair of skin tight black leggings & cleavage amplifying leopard print shirt. Honestly, if I had a default outfit like a TV show character that never ages, that combo + some combat boots is probably what it would be.

Tits out, face firmly stapled in place & a head full of questions that would soon be answered, I got into the car & we headed to the club. I got lost in my thoughts & curiosity as Joe navigated to the address we were given. I don’t exactly know what I thought it would be like when we walked in the door, but little did I know, my expectations would be quickly surpassed.